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the main thing we are here to do is to help you with planning of your trip to the Caucasus Mountains, Russia
(Elbrus, Arkhyz, Dombay areas first of all)
more full info about our services you can find on the page "Services" 
or contact us and ask if we can do this or that for you 

Spend your holidays in the
Caucasus Mountains
and make your vacations unforgettable
with our help!

we work here

Please, contact us for prices, destinations and other detailed information if you are interested in travelling to the
Mountains resorts.

Languages we work with: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese.  

This project was created on the ground of deep love of its founders to this
beautiful area.
We want more and more travellers to get to know its amazing and breathtaking beauty.

Just a little journey- and you are in a fairy tale! Open up unknown mountains that are the highest in Europe! Explore national bright cultures and local cuisine!